Killer Surface Pro 6 deals arrive ahead of Black Friday

The Surface Pro 6 is seeing some major price cuts right now, so if you’ve been thinking of buying Microsoft’s versatile tablet/laptop hybrid, now is an excellent time to make a purchase.

There are a few reasons why the price of the Surface Pro 6 has dropped. First of all, Microsoft has just announced its successor, the Surface Pro 7, which means retailers are going to start discounting the (slightly) older hardware.

Also, Black Friday 2019 and Cyber Monday 2019 are rapidly approaching, so we’re seeing prices falling in preparation – make sure you check out our pick of the best Black Friday laptop deals that have already gone live.

So, with the Surface Pro 7 coming out soon, is the Surface Pro 6 still worth buying? We definitely think so. While the Surface Pro 7 does offer some upgrades over the Surface Pro 6, we don’t think it’s the kind of leap that makes the older model obsolete.

That means the Surface Pro 6 remains an excellent performer – and with deals like the ones below showing up before Black Friday, it’s now even better value.

Microsoft’s Surface devices usually see some decent discounts around Black Friday, and it’s good to see some Surface Pro 6 deals already emerging. While prices could drop a little bit more for Black Friday, these deals are so good that we wouldn’t hang around if you want a Surface tablet now.

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