The Goose Game Is on Sale! And 13 More Great Tech Deals

One of the best parts of seeing consoles like the Switch and the Switch Lite become more popular is watching gaming become ever more accessible. Visually delightful and meandering games like Breath of the Wild and Donut Country made even non-gamers realize that playing video games could be a fun, 20-minute escape instead of a brutal, stressful, bloodthirsty competition to beat your spouse at Mario Kart.

The Untitled Goose Game is the latest entry to this pantheon of fun, simple games. It’s an Internet sensation, and you should probably get it. Read on for the first of our top picks.

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Photograph: Nintendo

The Untitled Goose Game Is $5 Off

What can you say when confronted with a phenomenon? This silly, simple game is good for anyone who needs to take a mental break and chase around some humans while turbo-honking. I (Adrienne) am probably going to buy it the minute I finish writing this post. The game may be a hit. There are already Goose T-Shirts on Amazon.

Buy The Untitled Goose Game for $15 ($5 off)

Photograph: Acer

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