Star Wars News: Is This the Opening Sequence of ‘Rise of Skywalker’?

Things may be quiet on the Star Wars front right now—don’t expect too much until the start of next month, when Triple Force Friday fills the internet with new merchandise and speculation—but that doesn’t mean there’s no news about the world that Lucasfilm built. Thank the Bothans of the internet for what’s to come.

Luke, Leia, and Lightsabers in Rise of Skywalker

The Source: Anonymous rumormongers talking to reputable fan sites

Probability of Accuracy: This feels like a trap. Shall we say 50/50 for now?

The Real Deal: With the opening of the final movie in the Skywalker Saga still a few months away, spoilers for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker are starting to get very specific. How specific? Well, the Making Star Wars site has two stories that go into an impressive amount of detail about what the opening sequence of the movie will be. After the opening crawl, the site reported, the film will begin with Luke and Leia, post-Return of the Jedi, sparring with lightsabers as she reveals she’s pregnant. The scene then cuts to Rey’s Jedi training. This suggestion feels very probable but also somewhat unlikely considering there have been promises that Carrie Fisher won’t be given a CGI makeover in the film. For now, file this under “Wait and see,” but it wouldn’t be the most surprising way to begin the movie.

Life Day May Be Celebrated Once More

The Source: Mandalorian creator and Iron Man director Jon Favreau

Probability of Accuracy: As shocking as it may seem, it’s legit.

The Real Deal: Here’s a surprise: There’s someone in the Disney Star Wars business who doesn’t just like the Star Wars Holiday Special but wants to make a new one. Thank you, Jon Favreau. The Mandalorian creator and writer said in an interview, “I love the Holiday Special—certain sequences more than others—but I love the introduction of Boba Fett and that rifle that he had. That animated piece still holds up. It’s pretty cool. I draw inspiration from that … Maybe someday on Disney+ we’ll do a holiday special, too. I gotta pitch that to them.” If this means we get to see Adam Driver and Oscar Isaac team up with the modern-day equivalent of Bea Arthur to sing a couple of songs, we’re on board. Hey, do you think Justin Timberlake could fill Bea’s shoes?

The Future of Star Wars Is … Too Far in the Future?

The Source: The man behind one part of the future of the franchise

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