Foxtel Now mobile app gets retired, replaced by Foxtel Go from today

In an effort to seemingly confuse as many people as possible, Foxtel has announced that it will kill off its Foxtel Now mobile app, migrating the latter’s functionality over to the very similar Foxtel Go mobile app.

Starting today, Foxtel Now app users on iPhone and iPad will be directed to download the Foxtel Go app from the App Store, while Android users will be pointed towards the Google Play Store.

Things will remain unchanged in the lounge room, however, with the Foxtel Now app for both smart TVs and video game consoles will staying active. Owners of the dedicated Foxtel Now Box will also be able to continue watching as normal. Desktop viewers can stream Foxtel in the Chrome and Safari browsers at

Thankfully, Foxtel and Foxtel Now subscribers can use their existing login details to access Foxtel Go at no extra cost.

According to Foxtel’s chief product and strategy officer Alice Mascia, the move to focus on one app is intended to “add more value for Foxtel Now customers by providing access to popular features and support from Foxtel Go that were previously unavailable on the Foxtel Now app.”

Before you get too excited, those additional features are pretty light on, seemingly limited to “a preview screen to watch show trailers, an expanded Kids homepage and support for Android 10 and iOS 13.”

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