When is Amazon Prime Day 2019? This leak could have confirmed the date

Amazon Prime Day 2019 is fast approaching – but when is it going to be? Well, some sleuthing from our sister site Real Homes may have uncovered the date, with a PR for vacuum firm Tineco seemingly ‘confirming’ it will be in the third week of July.

While the source originally stated that its 10 Hero and 10 Master vacuum cleaners would be part of the Prime Day main deals on July 16 and 17, it has since retracted that statement and said that this was the date from 2018, sent out in error.

What’s not clear is whether that’s just a mistake on the date the deal will go live, or whether the brand doesn’t have the information about when Amazon Prime Day might be. 

When is Amazon Prime Day 2019?

We’re expecting Prime Day to run from either July 8-9, or the following week on 15-16 – so this fits in with that expectation nicely.

However, with Amazon refusing to confirm the leak to Real Homes and the source retracting the official date, we may have to wait a little longer to be sure when the next ream of online deals will be coming.

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