FDA to ban flavored e-cigarette sales in convenience stores

Back in September, the FDA gave e-cigarette makers 60 days to prove they aren’t targeting minors. But it sounds like the agency has decided to take take stronger measures against the sales of e-cigs to underage consumers. The restriction will only cover pod-based products and not open-tank systems sold in vape shops. Further, it will not apply to menthol-flavored pods, because menthol is permitted in regular cigarettes, though. The FDA doesn’t want to give real cigarettes an edge over their battery-powered alternatives, since that could push adult smokers to go back to real ones.

In addition to the sales restriction, the Post says FDA will also require online shops to ask their customers to verify their age. And in case those measures fail to cause a decline in use among minors, the FDA is reportedly planning to impose even more restrictions in the future.

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