5 Tools to Skyrocket your Instagram Traffic (In an hour a day)

Have you started to get into the Instagram phase of marketing? Do you ideas on how to market your brand? Are you thinking of how to get more targeted followers on Instagram?

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media networks with over 400 million active users every month where 4 billion photo’s are liked. You can now use Instagram to focus on business purposes and by doing it the smart way you can have an instant flow of traffic to your business website.

You can use Instagram to tell a story, produce a live show and instantly engage with your followers wherever they are.

We are going to go through some tools you can use to grow your following while you work on the best photo’s to produce for your Instagram audience.

(Using tools and bots for social media automation can cause your account to be banned or removed, use these at your own risk. This is an informational piece about products available to use and not an endorsement to use them)


Instavast allows your to automate all of your interactions on Instagram. It allows your setup and target influencers and market topics. From here the Instavast bot will comment and like on photo’s bringing in new followers to your Instagram account, intelligent filters enable the bot to target relevant audiences to your niche.

Instavast also allows you to bulk message your followers with a new giveaway or deal you have running on your account. You can also upload photo’s in which this program will automatically #hashtag the photo with highly popular hashtags currently being used.


Instanobel interacts with potential fans on your behalf which can lead to hundreds of new people liking your photo’s, engaging with your links and interactive with your business.

Each bot can be set on a time limit for interaction so it is kept under the radar and your account is safe to run with this application. Instanobel works on any device such as mobile, tablet and PC.

This allows you to promote your Instagram account wherever you are at any time!


Hashtagger gives you some help with finding he most used #hashtags based on a theme of interest.

Instead of posting and image and thinking about what hash tags may describe your picture, let this app find them for you and apply it to the description of your image.

This gem of an app will generate up to 100 hashtags per image, it is quick and easy to use and seamlessly integrates with Instagram.


Combin is a reliable tool to use if you are working on marketing your Instagram followers.

By using this tool you can gain targeted followers, likes and comments on your photo’s. You can easily engage and communicate with your followers all from one platform.

If you are marketing to a specific geographic area Combin will target hashtag searches based on an area or city. This gives you ability to work on a campaign where you business is located to bring in targeted followers and engaged users.

Do you find that you are following users and they don’t follow back?

This tool provides the solution to this issue by using an algorithm that will follow and unfollow users on automatic. It will target users similar to your niche and make each person a part of your Instagram community. You can mass follow and unfollow users, use this tool to find our who does not follow you back then automatically unfollow them to keep your follow / unfollow ration in check.

PostBot 3 for Instagram

Do you want to be able to build a strong Instagram account?

This comes down to planning your posts at the correct time, using the most popular hashtags and creating high quality images that draw in the attention of potential users. PostBot is the best tool you can use to remind you when to make a new post.

This app will analyze Instagram’s data to find the best time of day to post during the week. It will give you a set of tools to schedule your posts on Instagram.

If you are running a social media agency and need a tool to help you manage your users Instagram accounts then this tool is worth trying out.

This app includes features such as:

• Posting times for each day of the week

• Reminder notifications

• Dynamic Lists of Hashtags

• Popular – Tags

• Latest – Trending tags

• The Bot will learn and determine best hashtags for your brand

• Analyses your account and gives personalized best post times.

• Better engagement from your audience is Guaranteed

When using these tools to free up some of your time, focus on the solution and products you sell when promoting on Instagram. Never underestimate the value that visual content can provide for your followers.

By utilizing Instagram in a professional and organized manner it can present your business with the opportunity to market your products and services to a more targeted and interested audience.

Whether your current strategy needs and update or you are a newcomer to Instagram marketing you will find that these 5 tools for Instagram will make your business on Instagram superbly useful.

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Beginning his practice in 2003, Ben Stanford’s continuing studies in online marketing, web development and growth hacking have expanded his scope to include focusing