California advises against keeping your phone in your pocket

The jury is still out on whether or not cellphone radiation is bad for you, but California’s Department of Public Health isn’t taking any chances. The agency just issued an advisory that suggests residents should take steps to limit their exposure to cellphones. The notice recommends avoiding phone use when unnecessary, particularly when the cell signal is likely to kick into overdrive (such as when you’re in a weak coverage area or streaming video). It also advises keeping your handset away from your body — CDPH Director Dr. Karen Smith even suggests “not keeping your phone in your pocket.”

The advisory follows the release of CDPH findings from 2009, which were prompted by a lawsuit from UC Berkeley professor Joel Moskowitz in his bid to explore possible links between cellphone use and increased risks of cancer. He believes that cellphone radiation poses a “major risk.” Other agencies, such as Connecticut’s own Department of Public Health, have put out similar recommendations.

The CTIA wireless industry group, which has historically opposed attempts to raise public concerns over phone radiation, isn’t taking a definitive stance. In a statement, the CTIA said that health was “important” to its members and that people should “consult the experts.”

It’s a bold move when some of the companies that dominate the cellphone landscape are based in California. The question is whether or not the advisory will make a difference. Without a definitive link between phone use and health issues, the statement may not carry much weight. And let’s face it, telling people to stop using smartphones as they normally do (especially in California) is like telling them to stop breathing. There would have to be a clear risk to make everyone give up devices that have quickly become staples of modern life.


Nintendo is really excited about the Switch’s detachable gamepads

The Switch is a very innovative piece of hardware. It isn’t another big TV console yet it also isn’t a diminutive underpowered handheld. It’s designed like a tablet that can dock to the TV and has detachable controllers for complete freedom to play wherever you want. It’s what I’ve been wanting game consoles to evolve into for decades. Hopefully the next Xbox and PlayStation consoles have similar designs. I’m tired of bulky TV boxes, they’re the opposite of what mobile technology has progressed to.

Disney buys Fox’s studios and cable TV channels for $52 billion

On the one hand it is great that more Marvel properties are now unified under Disney’s control so that they can be added to the MCU.On the other hand it is kind of scary to watch Disney so aggressively buy up almost every major franchise and tons of media outlets. I don’t hate Disney but I do hate it when one organization controls EVERYTHING in a particular market.

‘PUBG’ tests a replay feature as it creeps toward v1.0

1.0 on the test servers have been awesome. Runs so well now too, getting around 120fps consistently.

Ataribox delays pre-orders due to development problems

This this is so DoA it’s not even funny

Netflix may run Watergate series developed by George Clooney

It’s not just that the internet video giant now has enough power to attract A-list talent — it’s that people like Clooney now see streaming services as viable (and potentially ideal) places for shows that previously had to be shoehorned into conventional TV schedules to get a lot of exposure.Remember one of the justifications for cable bundling? One of the concerns thought is that some streamers may be more strenuous when it comes to success. e.g. succeed sooner, and with greater effect.

Net neutrality is dead: What happens now?

So does this mean that immediately ISPs can start gouging us or do they have to wait until these (hopefully immediate) lawsuits are settled before they make any changes?

NBC is adapting UK tech support sitcom ‘The IT Crowd’

If it fails, they can just switch it off and back on again.

The iMac Pro is fast, but who is it for?

Great write up as usual Dana. I just can’t wrap my head around who would spend $5000 on $2000 worth of hardware…but as you’ve pointed out I guess there is niche demand for this type of system running OSX.Yet, going the iMac-esque route for a professional product is so strange. Bringing back the G5-era chassis would undoubtedly be best for prosumers but then Apple can’t control the upgrade path (or lack thereof.)

Canary’s security cameras will soon detect people

What are people’s opinions about Canary? Seems many people have trust issues with them after everything they’ve done. Is there a better alternative?

iTunes isn’t coming to the Windows Store this year after all

There are significant challenges when one tries to port poorly written software into the nice, structured, sandboxed Microsoft Store. I look forward to seeing the first usable version if iTunes.

The FCC’s ‘Harlem Shake’ video may violate copyright law

Well, he doesn’t seem to care about anything else so why would he care about copyright?

What do made-for-AI processors really do?

TL:DR technical answer: Less silicon dedicated to high-precision floating point calculations (good for graphics), more silicon dedicated to low-precision integer calculations (good for AI)

Firefox faces backlash for auto-installing ‘Mr. Robot’ add-on

So because one of their 10 principles is about privacy and security, they install ads for a TV show…. all while throwing away their mission statement of …An Internet that truly puts people first, where individuals can shape their own experience and are empowered, safe and independent. And what about their other ‘guiding principles’ of (#5) INDIVIDUALS must have the ability to shape the internet and their own experiences and (#8) Transparent … Processes promote trustOh, wait, those went out the window when they cashed the check for advertising the TV show…

How the ‘Grinch bots’ stole Christmas

We don’t need more laws. It is a tech issue and can be solved by tech.Perhaps a capcha or 2 factor authentication to buy in-demand items would solve this. In the end, Amazon, Walmart, etc.. still get the money from the sale to a bot or human. The solution will be from consumers not shoping at these places until they find a solution, we do not need more stupid laws.

Facebook’s ‘ticker,’ aka creeper feed, is no more

I rarely use Facebook anymore, and Instagram is an afterthought. However, whenever I do use Facebook I always immediately change the feed from Top Stories to Most Recent. No matter how many times I change it, it always reverts back. Extremely annoying and a big reason why I’m not happy with that site.I use Snapchat the most out of anything and I heard they were going to be changing the stories to a similar Top Stories type arrangement. If they do this, it will also be another app that I will slowly stop using. Give me the option to change it, don’t restrict me!