Cricket adds data to its most affordable smartphone plans

As for unlimited service: Cricket is reviving the Unlimited 2 plan, which gives you two lines for $80 per month. For a “limited time,” you can add up to four more lines for $25 each. And both solo Unlimited and Unlimited 2 customers can tack on mobile hotspot support for $10 per month.

Just remember that there are catches. Your hotspot access is still capped at 8GB of full-speed use per month. Full LTE speed on Cricket is limited to 8Mbps, and video streams at 480p. You won’t be watching 1080p live streams, unfortunately. And like most US carriers, Cricket might de-prioritize your unlimited service if you use more than 22GB in a month on a given line. Consider this, though: if you don’t need full performance, you’re getting more data with that $30 plan than you would if you signed up for Google’s Project Fi.

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