Crunch Report | Square Announces the $999 ‘Professional’ Register

Crunch Report | Square Announces the $999 ‘Professional’ Register

50 minutes ago by Khaled “Tito” Hamze

Google offers new findings on Russian disinformation across its products

2 hours ago by Taylor Hatmaker

Apple’s spat with Qualcomm may reportedly escalate to the hardware level

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Wonder Workshop raises $41M for its chatty robots that help kids learn to code

3 hours ago by Lucas Matney

Russian-backed content may have reached 126 million on Facebook

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No, iPhones don’t have a special folder for your sexy pics

5 hours ago by Devin Coldewey

GrubHub made closing arguments defending 1099 independent contractor model

5 hours ago by Megan Rose Dickey

Sprint shares fall 9% on reports of failed T-Mobile merger

7 hours ago by Katie Roof

‘House of Cards’ will end after season six, Netflix ‘deeply troubled’ by Kevin Spacey allegations

7 hours ago by Anthony Ha

SpaceX launches 16th Falcon 9 in 2017, recovers first stage

7 hours ago by Darrell Etherington

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