The best Xbox One deals in October 2017

There are some superb Xbox One deals and bundles around this week with Assassin’s Creed: Origins and Shadow of War and more all vying for your love. Looks like Microsoft is going all out to put pressure on its rivals as the Xbox One is now the cheapest of the current generation of gaming consoles on a regular basis. We’re happy to let the discounts roll in too as you can get regularly get a brand new Xbox One S with games for well under £250 nowadays. With prices like this, there’ll be nothing left to discount come Black Friday 2017!

Retailers are stocking some super cheap Xbox One deals as standalone purchases and value-packed bundles with extra games. Some bundles often cost less than the standalone consoles too, so be sure to check out our hand-picked list of the best Xbox One offers below the comparison charts. Or maybe you’re looking for a 4K upgrade? Then you’ll want to take a look at the latest Xbox One X pre-orders.

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cheap xbox one s deals

Xbox One S deals

The slimmed-down design of the Xbox One S looks much better than the original chunky box and the power brick is now a thing of the past. The main draw though is 4K visual support meaning you’ll be able to watch specialised Blu-Ray and Netflix content in 4K on your new 4K TV.

Original Xbox One deals

The price comparison chart below is for the old, original model of the Xbox One. As things stand you can regularly get cheaper prices with the newer Xbox One S, so we’d urge you to take a look above before splashing the cash on the original Xbox One.


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Xbox One bundle deal of the week

Xbox One S | Forza Horizon 3 + Hot Wheels expansion | £199.99 @ ShopTo’s eBay
Amazon is warming up for Black Friday early with this generous Xbox One bundle. Forza Horizon 3 is a superb racer set in a lush tropical world, plus you’re also getting the new Hot Wheels expansion. This is your best value Xbox One deal this week thanks to the additional software bundled in and the price still being under £200.

View this Xbox One deal: Xbox One S, Forza Hot Wheels bundle £199.99 @ ShopTo’s eBay

The best Xbox One bundle deals this week

Xbox One S | Minecraft bundle | Quantum Break | Halo 5 | £230 @ Currys
If you’re after a cheap Xbox One deal with a great selection of games then this could be a great match at just £230. The new Minecraft bundle includes the main game and season one of Minecraft: Story mode. Halo 5 is a solid first person shooter and Quantum Break is one of the best exclusives on the Xbox One, fantastically merging a player-driven narrative with cool time-bending shootouts.

View Xbox One deal: Xbox One S, Minecraft bundle plus 2 games £230 @ Currys

1TB Xbox One S | Assassin’s Creed: Origins | Rainbox Six: Siege | £249.85 @ eBay’s ShopTo
When the price is right, the 1TB Xbox One S is the one we’d always opt for given the huge mandatory install sizes of so many games nowadays. We’re especially interested when they come with brand spanking new games like this too. You can save £30 with the 500MB version below, but we think this one’s much better value. You’re also getting a free copy of the fun co-op shooter, Rainbow Six: Siege. FYI, this is also £50 cheaper than the next best deal!

View Xbox One deal: 1TB Xbox One S, Assassin’s Creed: Origins, Rainbow Six: Siege £249.85 @ eBay’s ShopTo

500MB Xbox One S | Assassin’s Creed: Origins | £219.85 @ eBay’s ShopTo
If you’re mainly planning on using the Xbox One S as a secondary console or you’re not going to cram it with loads of games at once, you could get the smaller 500MB version instead of the 1TB model above. Either way, this is a great price for a bundle that includes the latest Assassin’s Creed game.

View Xbox One deal: 500MB Xbox One S, Assassin’s Creed: Origins £219.85 @ eBay’s ShopTo

Xbox One S | Shadow of War | Fallout 4 | Now TV | £229.99 @ Game
Looking to return to Mordor to settle a score or two? Then take a look at this Xbox One bundle. You’re getting Middle-earth: Shadow of War and Fallout 4, so that’s a good hundred hours or so of gaming to keep you busy. Finally, once you need a rest, you can unwind with a free two-month Now TV pass.

View this Xbox One deal: Xbox One S, 2 games, Now TV £229.99 @ Game

2TB Xbox One S | Gears of War 4: Ultimate Edition | £379 @ Game
This 2TB crimson red Xbox One S is incredibly rare, hence the high price. If you’re a collector though, this could be your last chance to get a brand new one. It also comes with Gears of War 4: Ultimate Edition.

View this Xbox One deal: Red 2TB Xbox One S and Gears 4 £379 @ Game

Xbox Live Gold deals

If you’re looking to play your Xbox games online or take advantage of the free Games with Gold initiative, you’ll want to check out our cheap Xbox Live Gold deals page where’s we’ve found prices considerably cheaper than the default RRP.

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